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How to Maintain food viability in Rural Communities with COVID19 Lockdown.

Dear Hon Prime Minister,

The govts handling of covid is not winning the support of rural communities. Coromandel is a declared transition town. This means people live with v little income in order to establish self-sufficient practices, particularly production of food grown without poisons according to organic principles. 

We have a water crisis. For three months the tourist industry has been permitted to provide full facilities for paying guests, the town laundry has been permitted to continue operation, but the organic growers have not been permitted to water our orchards and vegetable gardens which are our basic means of survival.

We have a virus epidemic. The supermarkets are permitted to stay open, selling everything from hardware, to clothing, to stationery. Our nursery providing seeds vegetable seedlings has been closed down and is not permitted to deliver to us. Our building supplies store has been closed down and is not permitted to supply us. Our hardware shop has closed down and is not permitted to supply us with gardening tools. The supermarkets are permitted to sell fruit and vegetables known to be at half the nutritional value of the food we grow ourselves, but we are not permitted to be supplied with the means of growing our own fruit and vegetables, whether it is water or tools. Our couriers are not permitted to deliver gardening supplies. They can’t even deliver us seedlings and packets of seeds.

It is the contradictions that make us sceptical of govt. And so govt loses its credibility. 

I think of Cuba under the American embargo where the public joined forces with political leadership to grow food out onto the pavements of city streets. While we in NZ watch the city escapees on their beach balconies with their feet up on the table and a smartphone at their ear, and our gardens withering. 

Please restore to rural towns our means of being self-sustaining and producing wholesome food.

Yours sincerely

Wendy Pond

2225 Wyuna Bay Road


Coromandel 3581

( Below) Citizens protesting aerial 1080 being dropped near Whenuakite, Coromandel 2019.