Trappers Service Centre

NZ Autotraps:

These award-winning traps have many features and benefits including:

  • being self-resetting and auto re-baiting.
  • up to 100 cycles and 12 months between services ( bait refill and battery change )
      • They meet= animal welfare ( NAWAC)  guidelines.
      •  They catch possums, as well as rats and mice so there is no need for different traps for different species.
        • Daylight Deactivation / Night time reactivation
              • Electronic components are all epoxy poured or silicone shielded
              • Stainless steel trap construction
              • Data Logging and Communication: each cycle is counted and recorded – accessed by computer , soon to be a mobile app.
              • The lure is non-toxic and so there is the  important outcome of a potential reduction in toxin use


                Trapping Mobile Apps:

                Tracking tunnels and Gotcha mobile app



                Walk The Line trapping app:



       is a mapping and logging app to record your trapping results:



                Goodnature Traps : Humane trapping, NZ designed self-resetting traps.

                Also a phone app you can use to :

                • Create schedules and alerts to help you maintain your traps for constant control and success.
                • Map your traps in an easy to view map system.
                • Save and access your trap data so you know your impact.
                • Access helpful success guides for your traps.
                • See the activity and impact of your community.
                • Order the gas, lure and traps you need for your network.