Kiwi Population Thrives on Western Moehau – with no poisons, no interference from humans.

In the Waiaro catchment , western Moehau range, Kiwi call rates were found to be twice as high as other high density kiwi populations on the Coromandel Peninsula.

This was the result from a kiwi survey, commissioned by the Waiaro Sanctuary, carried out by Red Admiral Ecology in the Spring of 2018. After recent numerous kiwi had been killed by dogs on private property in Port Charles, Waiaro Sanctuary manager Kelvin Mouritsen wanted to check on the health of the kiwi population on the western side of the mountain.

Waiaro Sanctuary uses no poisons in pest management, nor is it using practices such as microchipping, banding, or adding transmitters to kiwi to monitor them. Nor does the Sanctuary allow the removal of kiwi eggs as happens in the Moehau Environment Group/Department of Conservation programmes on the Eastern Moehau.