Ecosystems are dynamic and everchanging. COBY’S philosophy aims for ecosystem balance, rather than artificial recreation of some imagined past “pure” native ecosystem.

Since European settlement thousands of exotic species, both plant and animal, have been introduced.  Habitats for native birds have been lost by the huge impacts of pastoral farming and forestry.

Eradication approaches to conservation have unintended consequences. Stoats, which predate primarily on rats, are forced to prey switch to birds following a 1080 rat “knockdown.”  Months later, rats rebound to greater levels than before.  An endless cycle of “more 1080 more often” ensues, with disastrous effects on ecology.

COBY also asserts that in the focus on saving or protecting the large and attractive species, like kokako or kiwi, too little attention is paid to the importance of the smaller hidden creatures and their critical roles in the health of the forest – invertebrates, fungi, bacteria and worms. The aerial dispersal of the eco-toxin and insecticide sodium mono fluroacetate over our forests may well be impacting the forest floor ecosystems and a precautionary approach is needed.

The pattern of history shows that pesticides, herbicides, fungicides end up having unintended consequences and have to be reduced then eliminated as more science investigates the true ecological effects.  So COBY members choose the organic way of land management, forestry and gardening.

Members of Coromandel Back Yard can support each other, share information and technical skills, to take care of our land without poisons. Te tiakitanga o nga whenua hei poutini kore.