Our Story

Coromandel Peninsula residents have been campaigning to raise awareness and stop the poisoning of our beautiful environment for many years. Activities have included doing research, writing articles and letters, presenting submissions to community boards and the local council, gathering signatures for petitions, bearing witness ( so-called “protesting” ) to the aerial 1080 drops done over the Coromandel forests by the Department of Conservation.

But that is not the only toxin of concern to Coromandel Peninsula residents: if you add in all anti-coagulant rat poisons, glyphosate herbicide, and other inhumane “vertebrate toxic agents” like diphacinone and cholecalciferol – you end up with a veritable cocktail of interacting toxins impacting a once poison-free environment.

Coromandel Our Back Yard – COBY – is a network of families, neighbours, friends and associates who share a vision of a poison-free environment.

Surely that is good for our health, good for our children, good for the ecosystems and even good for business!

Looking north towards the sacred mountain Te Moehau, the resting place of Tama- te -kapua.