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October 2021: The notified DoC 1080 drop over Moehau is now “postponed” until 2022. Nick Kelly, the Department of Conservation Operations Manager for the Coromandel Peninsula, stated in an email to Dr Wendy Pond on Oct 26th, 2021:

The application for Moehau is currently with PHU. Given the current national / international COVID pressures the public health unit do not have the resource to process this and similar applications and will be re-assessing in the new year. We are supportive of the PHU and appreciate the national priority and all of Government initiative to successfully manage this pandemic and to keep people safe.

Class A1 ecotoxin Sodium mono fluoroacetate ie 1080 was dispersed aerially over Moehau mountain in 2013 and 2017. The maunga was already covered in trap lines.

Under an Official Information Act query it has been establised that DoC is planning to re-apply 1080 without having done any species monitoring to establish the need for more aerial toxins. In other words, it is just a four year cycle of poisoning that has been institutionalised. Most landowners in the watersheds surrounding Moehau mountain are opposed to this indiscriminate aerial dispersal of 1080 for many sound reasons.

The other area planned for a 1080 drop is Papakai.

The Department of Conservation states on their website:

“The aerial 1080 operations we have recommended will only go ahead subject to consultation. We will continue to monitor rats and stoats and also only proceed if they reach levels that threaten wildlife.